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By the age of five he had toured Mexico and by seven he had toured Europe.
And, became known as The Chopin of Mexico....
Clipping and News Articles reflecting his music career are below.

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In 1987 Orlando Otey performs at the University of Delaware with one of his students, Fred Stilmar.
Fred Stilmar applied the Otey Music Theory to produce arrangements he called "Rapid Linear Chromatic Variations" of traditional works by Bach, Scarlatti, Chopin and Liszt.

The results of this approach are quite stunning and add another dimension to these already masterful works.



As the Otey Music Theory method matures further in its presentation, other students of Orlando Otey benefit from its  comprehensive, even universal, approach.

Wilson Somers receives acclaim for his composition, "Mass For The Homeless", during 1990, on which he used the techniques of the Otey Music Theory.

In 1995 Dr. Orlando Otey performs in
New York City at Merkin Hall with Fred Stilmar again.

Mr. Stilmar applied yet another approach derived from the Otey Music Theory he termed "Consecutive Chromatic Modifications" to additional works by Bach and Liszt.

They both performed wonderfully, and pleased an audience that traveled from several different states to attend.

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