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Known as the Chopin of Mexico, he gave his first concerts at age 4.

Some Friends and Acquaintances of Orlando Otey

Anna Moffo

The Poética for Soprana and Orchestra is dedicated to her
Toshiya Eto Violinist from Curtis who performed with Otey in New York City 
("Mr. Otey" and "Mr. "Eto")
Jorge Bolet Concert pianist (Curtis)
Theodore Letvin Concert pianist (Curtis)
Jacob Lateiner Concert pianist (Curtis)
Eleanor Lipkin Concert pianist, teacher (Curtis)
Seymour Lipkin Concert pianist, teacher (Curtis)
Paul Badura-Skoda Concert pianist (Chopin Centenial Festival, Warsaw, Poland 1949).  Dedicated "Arabesque" to him.
Isidor Latiner Concert violinist (Curtis)
Michael Tree Concert violinist (Curtis), Guarnieri Quartet
Josef Rezets Concert pianist (Curtis)
David Brown Pianist-Composer (Curtis), Wilmington Music School
 and University of Delaware
George Rochberg Composer, teacher at Haverford College, 
Paul Creston Composer, teacher, member of NAACC
Vincent Persichetti Composer, teacher, member of NAACC
Louis Vyner Conductor, performed "Sinfonia Breve", Suite for Strings (aired on WNYC 1959), as well as "Tzintzuntzán" for strings in Philadelphia and Lancaster
Billy Taylor Jazz pianist, participated in Jazz Summer Festival at the Wilmington Music School in 1969
Bernard Peiffer Jazz Pianist, taught at the Wilmington Music School


Some Students of Orlando Otey

Yolanda Delgado

A piano and theory student at the University of Mexico.  She is now the official accompanist at the Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes in Mexico City
Wilson Somers The composer of the "Mass for the Homeless", which premiered in Wilmington DE in 1991 and in New York City in 1993, Mr. Somers
Paul Mahr Now conductor of the "13 Concerto Soloists" in Ottawa, Canada.  Performed "Suite for Strings" in April, 1993 which was aired on Canadian Broadcast Corporation (CBC)
Thomas Dewey Piano Accompanist of Margaret Price in London, England
Robert Jurhden Plays Jazz in Las Vegas, NV and Hollywood, CA
Ken Stier Jazz pianist
Steve W. Bennett Jazz pianist
Jeff Erwin Jazz pianist and electronic organ player
Dolores Pesce Received her doctorate in Music Education from Catholic university
Eric Parks Composer of Ballads, sculptor and inventor

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